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As many of you know I have been involved with the Alliance for Finance since 2012 and in 2014 I was elected on to the Executive Committee. I am now delighted to announce that I have been successful in securing the role of Chairperson for the Alliance for Finance. This is the first time Aegis has been in the Chair and I am very excited about the opportunities it brings to me, in terms of my development, and also to Aegis’ external profile.

The Alliance for Finance is an is an unincorporated association and not for profit organisation made up

of trade unions, employee representative bodies and staff associations. Our member organisations represent around 130,000 people working the in the UK financial services industry across all areas of banking, building societies and insurance and investment companies.

The Alliance was formed in 1996 by a partnership between a number of trade unions, employee representative organisations and staff associations that were active within the UK financial services industry at the time. This formation was a result of growing co-operation between the Confederation of Insurance Trade Unions and finance sector unions.

I am committed to promoting the aims and values of the Alliance for Finance and I encourage all affiliates to contribute towards, and attend, the many seminars which we regularly hold each year. We have a strong and engaged Executive Committee which I am excited to lead as we take the Alliance for Finance forward into what promises to be another challenging year for our sector and the people who work in it.

If you are an employee representative in the finance sector, and would like to discuss joining the Alliance for Finance or attend any of our learning events and webinars then please contact

Ania Lomax

Ania Lomax, Assistant General Secretary