About Aegis

Aegis grew from a staff association established in 1971 to a trade union, gaining independent status in 2008. Up until August 2012 all our members, reps and officers worked for Aegon. As Aegon pursued a strategy of outsourcing non-core parts of their business, we adapted our operations so our members could stay with us as they transferred out to other organisations. To accommodate this, and in line with our long–term strategy, our full-time officers left Aegon at this point and became Aegis’ employees.  

We then changed our rules to allow us to implement our long term strategy of growing our membership outwith Aegon; in 2014 we were able to bring two other finance sector unions under the Aegis umbrella. This partnership brought many benefits for Aegis. These included the opportunity to benefit from economies of scale, protecting our financial security, expanding our Unionlearn project and increasing our external profile. 

Through our involvement with lobbying groups like the Alliance for Finance, TUC, STUC and FISO we have access to the bodies that shape and regulate our sector. Through regular meetings with organisations like the FCA (Previously FSA), ABI, Scottish Parliament and Westminster, we are able to influence the thinking at the highest level on issues that affect employees and employers in our industry.

To view the Aegis structure and read the responsibilities of the different councils click the link Aegis structure

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Our aims

  • Supporting and protecting our members
  • Creating excellent working conditions
  • Promoting and maintaining high standards of fairness
  • Eliminating all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination
  • Encouraging our employer to understand our needs
  • Placing the union in a positive position for the future

Benefits of Joining

  • Individual Support
  • Representation
  • Employment Advice
  • Free legal advice on non-work related matters for members and their families
  • Preferential rates for conveyancing
  • Huge range of discounts on a wide variety of goods and services

How do we do it?

Official agreement with the businesses:- We have a formal Recognition Agreement which sets out how we work with businesses to look after you.

Rep training and mentoring:- We have nearly 100 Reps across three branches, all of whom have individually tailored training plans. Many of them have had legal training and are certified under the Compensation Act to represent you in grievances and disciplinaries. We also give you sound up-do-date advice on other work matters.

Consultation in Business Areas:- Our Reps meet regularly with management and HR in different business areas of the companies to maintain good relations and raise our members' concerns with a view to trying to sort out local issues without entering any potential long, drawn out, formal process.

Casework:- Every year we provide help and advice to hundreds of our members on issues including but not limited to; performance management, discrimination, pensions, redundancy, absence, flexible working, stress, equal pay, gross misconduct, salary benchmarking.

In the current economic climate, we expect to see more of our members asking for help than ever.

Secure membership database:- We have contact details for all our members, so we can comply with trade union legislation and keep in touch with you properly.

Terms and Conditions:- We consult and negotiate with the businesses to make sure that their staff are provided with an enviable pay and benefits package. We also sign off all company policies.

Health & Safety:- Our Reps undergo rigorous training and working with the businesses to create safer workplaces. Did you know that unionised workplaces are statistically safer places to work?

“A member could come and talk to me about anything that might be on their mind, even if it's just to get something off their chest.”

Fredrick MarkhamAegis Representative