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The TUC has published a draft bill, demonstrating what we think is needed for clear regulation of AI in the workplace.

Further to Aegis campaign at last year’s TUC conference, yesterday the TUC launched its draft bill.

Ricky Markham, Aegis Assistant General Secretary for the Aegon Division attended the event, which was held at Congress House in London and chaired by Baroness Dawn Primarolo, of the House of Lords.

The Artificial Intelligence (Regulation and Employment Rights) Bill – to give it its full title – aims to ensure transparency and fairness for workers, and rights to redress against black box management decisions.

It has drawn on a stellar cast of experts from the worlds of work and tech – including Cambridge Uni’s Minderoo Centre, the Ada Lovelace Institute, CIPD, the British Computer Society, trade unions and cross-party MPs. And it has been drafted by Cloisters Chambers’ AI Law Consultancy.

Key provisions in the bill include:

  • Compulsory Workplace AI Risk Assessments for new systems, to be shared with workers.
  • Direct consultation rights for workers & unions around new AI systems involved in high-risk decisions.
  • Registers of AI systems making high risk decisions.
  • Rights to explanation and human reconsideration of decisions made by AI.

The draft bill is a thorough and ready-made resource for any government that wants to tackle the urgent challenges of AI in the UK’s workplaces. Now we need to build the political will to make use of it.