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Relationships with external organisations

Aegis prioritises matters concerning employees in companies with which we have formal recognition agreements.

However, to comprehensively champion our members’ interests, we must avoid isolation and reactivity. Collaborating with other unions and groups is essential to align our objectives with the contemporary workplace, ensuring that our voice resonates and is heard by decision-makers.

TUC (Trades Union Congress):

  • Aegis joined TUC in February 2010.
  • We participate in the annual TUC conference to address finance sector worker issues and seek TUC support.
  • Our affiliation allows us to directly influence Westminster policies.
  • Brian Linn, our General Secretary, has been a TUC General Council member since 2018.
Trades Union Congress Logo
Scottish Trades Union Congress Logo

STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress):

  • We are affiliated with STUC, representing over 540,000 trade unionists in Scotland.
  • Our affiliation enables us to influence policies at the Scottish Parliament.
  • Fiona Steele, our Deputy General Secretary, has been actively involved with STUC.

Alliance for Finance (AFF):

  • AFF is a UK federation of trade unions in the financial services industry.
  • We advocate for workers in this sector, emphasising job security, workers’ rights, and fair compensation.
  • Fiona Steele and Ania Lomax, both from Aegis, sit on the AFF Executive.
Alliance for Finance Logo
General Federation of Trade Unions Logo

General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU):

  • GFTU offers support to specialized unions like Aegis.
  • They provide various training programs for union officers and members.
  • Brian Linn serves on the GFTU Executive board.

Unions 21:

  • Unions 21 is a collaborative platform for unions to address common challenges and develop future union leadership.
  • Aegis joined Unions 21 in 2022.
Unions 21 Logo
Irish Congress of Trade Unions logo

Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU):

  • ICTU represents workers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic.
  • It works to advance workers’ interests, negotiate agreements, and promote trade unionism.

Federation of Insurance Staff Organisations (FISO):

  • FISO is an informal grouping of finance unions and staff associations in Scotland.
  • It facilitates discussions on employment trends specific to the Scottish finance sector and promotes best practices.