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Giving you the tools to progress your career.

Union Learning - your gateway to personal and professional growth.

Through Union Learning, individuals like you can access a wide array of educational opportunities, training programs, and valuable resources to enhance your skills, advance your career, and enrich your life.

Boost Your Confidence

Learning can help you renew your can-do attitude

Get that promotion

Learning can prepare you for that promotion you have dreamed of

More Skills

Learning can equip you with new skills to do your job more effectively

Contact one of our Union Learning Reps

Please note: Union Learning is currently only available to members in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Members in England, please do get in touch with any questions you may have, as we will always try to help and signpost you.

How can Union Learning help?

Aegis has Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) who can offer you tips, guidance, advice and support on how to get started on your learning journey.

The ULRs can help with information, guidance and advice on individual training. They can give you information about the types of courses being provided in your area (sometimes at reduced costs and some are free of charge), the start dates and can advise on any potential funding that may be available to help you do your course. In addition we run vocational training as requested by staff, using locally sourced qualified trainers and aim to get the training at reduced rates.

Why not join our team? Become a ULR and promote lifelong learning at your workplace and in your community.

Aegis the Union will provide you with the guidance and training to be able to assist learners on their journeys. Become a ULR and let’s change lives through lifelong learning!

Interested? Get in touch

ULR Information Pack

Learning topics

Education courses

GCSE’s, AS and A levels, Open University course.

Refresher courses

Brush up on your English and Maths (Skills for Life).

Technical courses

Excel, Share Point, Skype, use of internet and more.

Recreational courses

Yoga, keep fit, flower arranging and more.

Contact one of our Union Learning Reps

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