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Could you be the voice for your colleagues?

Becoming a union rep allows you to make positive changes within your organisation

If you’re a good communicator who feels strongly about issues in the workplace and want to make changes for the better, it’s likely you would make a good union rep.

All our reps get excellent training and support from a friendly network of fellow representatives, each committed to making a difference.

Why become an Aegis the union rep?

Imagine that YOU are the reason someone feels represented and heard within your workplace.

Being a union rep is an opportunity to advocate for fellow employees and ensure a better work environmental for all.

It is an incredibly rewarding role, which can also help shape your future career path.

Here’s what becoming a rep entails:

  • Recruiting members into the union
  • Talking to members about workplace issues
  • Representing members who have problems
  • Branch work and the wider union
  • Negotiating with employers
  • Attending events
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Here’s what our reps say

Arfan DadComputershare

I work as a server support engineer at CTS and have been in this role for over 10 years.

I became a union rep to help my fellow workers protect and improve their working conditions in their working lives.

Dan BloomerSkipton Building Society

I started off being a union learn rep for Aegis whilst working at Computershare.

I had a strong passion for lifelong learning and wanted to promote learning so that people can reach their full potential and possibly look at other opportunities in the business to develop.

I wanted to challenge myself further by becoming a union rep in my new role at Skipton.

Chloe ForsythSkipton Building Society

I’ve worked at Skipton for 12 years and joined Aegis as a union rep in August 2022.

Being a union rep allows me to advocate for the rights and well-being of my colleagues, ensuring fair treatment, better working conditions and a stronger collective voice.

Julie CarltonSkipton Building Society

I became a Union rep because despite having enjoyed my 35 years at SBS I understand that when a colleague finds themselves in a situation whether that be redundancy, a grievance or disciplinary it can be a worrying, stressful and at times a scary situation to be in without support.

I did not want colleagues to go it alone should they find themselves in such a situation.

What does becoming an Aegis rep entail?

Becoming a representative for Aegis the union means taking on a crucial role in our organisation, advocating for members' interests, facilitating communication, and fostering a sense of unity among our community.

Improving working conditions

Improving working conditions is paramount to our mission at Aegis. We look to our reps to help to create a better, more equitable environment for all employees.

Organising and communicating

Organising and effective communication are the cornerstones of our approach at Aegis, enabling us to strive for positive change and ensure members are well-informed and heard.

Helping the union grow

Contributing to the growth of the union is a collective effort, and each of our reps play a vital role in helping us expand our reach, impact, and effectiveness.

Handling members’ challenges

Handling members' challenges is a top priority. We are dedicated to providing the support and resources necessary to address and overcome any obstacles our members may face.

Promoting equality

Promoting equality is at the heart of what we do. We work with our reps to create fair and inclusive working environments where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Keeping  the workplace safe

Ensuring workplace safety is fundamental. Our reps advocate for and support measures that protect the well-being of all employees in their workplaces.

What skills do you need to be a great rep?

You need have good interpersonal skills to be able to build strong and reliable professional relationships with your fellow employees.

It is important to be able to communicate well across the board, from fellow employees, senior management, and other union staff members.

Problem-solving too, is effective when carrying out your daily duties, as you will often be approached with a range of challenging questions.

And you need to be organised, in order that you can handle your representative responsibilities alongside your regular working role.

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