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Raising the issues within the Finance Sector, I talked about pay negotiations this year compared to last year, so far initial offers are half of last years agreements. For our members the cost of living crisis is not over, and we’ll be pressing for more. Interesting that inflation was 3.9% in November but has risen again to 4% for December.

I also talked about hundreds of jobs lost last year through redundancy with AI and automation impacting small areas at a time.

Even though we lost so many members through redundancies and those leaving the industry we have 51 more members than this time last year, mainly due to the hard work put in by our officers and reps, in line with our strategic priorities.

The TUC General Secretary will be setting up a round table to look specifically at Private Sector issues and I will be attending to make sure our members in the  Finance sector are represented.

If you have any burning issues affecting you in the workplace that you think I should be raising on your behalf in this forum, please let me know via email or our other social media channels.