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Recently we supported a lot of our members facing a difficult time of being selected for redundancy.

Having the support of a union when faced with such periods of change and uncertainty is invaluable and our reps work around the clock to ensure that members feel heard and supported.

We thought it worthwhile to detail the type of activity typically carried out by Aegis when members are faced with redundancy.

Action 1

Consultation timescales

There are two parts of the consultation process Aegis are involved with:

Collective consultation

This is where senior representatives of Aegis meet regularly with the employer to review the rationale for the exercise. We ensure the process is being managed fairly and consistently and challenge anything we feel necessary to minimise the impact on members.

Individual consultation

In parallel with the collective consultation, the trained representatives of Aegis in the workplace support each member affected by the exercise through their own formal process.

As soon as members are told that there are going to be potential redundancies in their area, we make sure they have all the information needed. For any members who need more time to digest the information provided, we work with employers to get their formal consultation timescale extended.

Action 2

Selection criteria

During the collective consultation process, we review the redundancy selection criteria the business is using in the redundancy process to ensure it is fair, consistent, and objective, and we raise concerns if we believe it is not.

Action 3

Trial periods

We ensure impacted colleagues have the opportunity to propose a trial period for a role, regardless of whether it is a ‘suitable alternative’ role or not.

Action 4

Changes to the impact on departments

One of the key parts of a collective consultation process is reviewing rationale on the business reasons which affect individuals and departments within the exercise. In some situations, we have challenged the business on some of their rationale that results in the removal of individuals and departments from the process.

We work closely with our members, meeting with them regularly and arranging meetings with teams that are impacted.

Action 5

Salary information

If any new roles are offered to those affected, we ensure all necessary information is available to them regarding the new job, including salary information, so our members have full transparency and they are able to make an objective decision on something as critical as their next career step.

Action 6

Informal and formal flexible working arrangements

For some of those colleagues who will be moving into new roles, they may have current formal or informal flexible working arrangements to support their work/life balance, therefore we ensure that the business will continue to support these.

Action 7

The end of the consultation process

All those impacted are advised that their individual consultation process is coming to an end. Those who don’t feel they have full clarity of their individual circumstances at this time can raise it and we support the proposal of an extension.

Action 8

Securing a new role

For those people moving into a new role at this stage, who have concerns about the new structure and the impact this may have on them/their team, we are able to support this transition in the short and long-term.

Action 9

Serving a notice period

For those leaving the business through redundancy, there will be discussions around their notice period. Everyone will have different needs and each business area will have various ‘handing-over’ expectations; we are here to support members during this time.

To become an Aegis the Union member it costs just £6.50 a month. If you’d like the reassurance that you have the support of a union in unsettling work situations, you can join here.