Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Data Protection 

Much of the data held by the union is described by the information commissioner as being “sensitive and personal data” which requires the highest level of data security.

This data will be passed to you initially in a simple form for testing purposes and then in its entirety for loading on to the website.

We require your confirmation that data passed to you for testing and eventual loading will be held and manipulated in accordance with the Information Commissioners requirements for such data, and further more the design of the website will also meet the Commissioners requirements for sensitive and personal data.


Data Collection & Privacy Best Practices
Inform Respondents How You Handle Responses
It is always good to disclose your privacy practices to your respondents. Doing this helps to increase response rates by putting potential respondents more at ease.
You can disclose your privacy practices on the introduction page of your survey or in the body of any email message containing the link inviting recipients to take your survey. If you are conducting a survey for an organization which already has its own privacy policy, you may wish to link to it if it is relevant. Alternatively, you can just describe your privacy practices in full on the introduction page of the survey itself.
You can use Skip Logic to disqualify respondents who don't consentto your terms or agree with your privacy policy or practices.
Privacy statements should detail at least the following things:
You may also wish to link to YOUR  Privacy Policy and Security Statement to disclose how we handle respondent data on your behalf.
Use SSL Encryption
We offer SSL encryption. This feature ensures that responses are connecting securely to our survey servers.

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