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Giving workers power with a united voice.

Protect yourself for just £6.50 per month

Aegis the union looks after workers' rights within the financial sector.

We’re here to represent YOU and to make sure you have a voice within your workplace. We have a recognition agreement with employers to help you get the rewards, respect, and recognition at work that you deserve.

Why join a union?

Being a member of a union gives employees the collective power to speak with one voice to your employer.

We’re here to help you get fair pay, better benefits and holidays, favourable working conditions and to support you with any work-related issues.

Member Benefits

Protect your rights for just £6.50 per month

For the price of a coffee and cake you could be protecting your future. Worth the sacrifice don’t you think?

A Union will support you in communicating your views to your employer. We will make you feel heard.

Join us

Member Benefits

Unlock a world of exclusive member benefits with Aegis the union – where you'll find discounts, resources, and opportunities designed to enrich your life and empower your journey.

Access to legal advice and services

All union members and their immediate families are entitled to access free, confidential legal advice on non-work-related matters and discounts on other legal services.

Free Will writing service

As an Aegis the union member, you gain access to our complimentary will writing service, ensuring your legacy is protected and your wishes are honoured.

Access to a range of discounts

Our discount program is just one of the many ways we strive to improve the quality of life for our community. Join us today and start taking advantage of the fantastic discounts available to our valued members!

Peace of mind and on hand support

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our dedicated representatives are always on hand to assist you through any work-related challenges and uncertainties you may face.

Free and discounted learning

As an Aegis the union member, you'll have the advantage of free and discounted learning opportunities, helping you acquire new skills and knowledge without breaking the bank.

Collective Bargaining Power

We will negotiate with your employers on your behalf to secure better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Be part of a union that gives you a voice