Aegis helps Katherine pursue a career in teaching

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Katherine Salkeld had been a Customer Review Adviser based at the Blackburnbranch of the Skipton Building Society. Katherine came on board as a Union Learning Rep (ULR) with the Aegis union in November 2014 having attended one of the events held at Head Office. 

She was also a member of the Society’s 'Customer Adviser Forum' which would be helpful in further disseminating the union learning message through the branch network.

Mary O’Brien, Aegis unionlearn Project Worker, said:

"Katherine’s first role was to identify an online language course for her Branch Manager which she duly did. She was always pro-active and encouraging members and other staff to discuss courses and training opportunities with her."

As a ULR she would email out opportunities that could help with developing both work or personal interests and was happy to have face to face meetings to go over ideas and options. 

Getting back into supporting learners at work re-sparked an interest in wider education and teaching with Katherine and In September 2015 she enrolled on a college course to commence training to become a teacher. 

Katherine said:

"When I first heard about unionlearn and the opportunities it presented, I saw it as a way to re-engage with the learning I had undertaken at university. Having completed a degree in English Language I completed an online course about how we learn languages, this reminded me of how much I had enjoyed my learning in the past.

I saw information about becoming a ULR, which I saw as a way to help others find learning areas that were of interest to them and grow their own learning journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking to others about their learning paths and relaying and extending mine. This has led to me having the desire and confidence to apply to go back to university to complete a teaching qualification, which I will be starting in September. I would encourage anyone and everyone to use unionlearn to explore areas of interest and apply to be a representative to help others on their journeys."


“A member could come and talk to me about anything that might be on their mind, even if it's just to get something off their chest.”

Fredrick MarkhamAegis Representative