Membership and Recruitment event

Aegis held a membership event outside the canteen at Yorkshire Drive on Friday with Learn with Aegis.

Attendees to the event received information from Aegis representatives about the benefits and discounts Aegis members are entitled to. In addition, a representative from Morrish Solicitors was present at the event to offer a basic free will writing service to all our members, as well as a representative from AFH Wealth Management who offer our members commission back on any life cover policies members arrange through them and other products they offer.

We were also recruiting new reps on site--we are looking to increase the number of Reps we have so if you have been a member of Aegis for a least 12 months and would be interested in becoming a Rep, get in touch with us.


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“A member could come and talk to me about anything that might be on their mind, even if it's just to get something off their chest.”

Fredrick MarkhamAegis Representative