TUC Pensions Conference 2022

The conference is taking place online on Zoom on Wednesday 30 March, where speakers from the government and unions will discuss the priorities for pensions policy over the years ahead.

Sessions will cover:

  • Extending auto-enrolment to close the gender pensions gap
  • Investing defined contribution pension pots productively while protecting members’ savings
  • The role of collective defined contribution in improving outcomes for today’s DC members
  • The case against further increases to the state pension age

Our DGS Fiona will chair the session on Extending auto-enrolment to close the gender pensions gap.

This session is intended to raise awareness of the gender pensions gap, to explore policies that can improve women’s pensions, and to look at the impact of extending auto-enrolment to cover more low paid workers on the gender pensions gap.

Panellists in the session are:

  • Sue Ferns, Prospect Senior Deputy General Secretary
  • Richard Holden MP
  • Joanne Segars, NOW Pensions Chair of Trustees
  • Daniela Silcock, Pensions Policy Institute Head of Policy Research

To join this session and other sessions in the conference, visit the following link and register for free:


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