National Careers Advice app to help people on the move

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National Careers Service LogoThe National Careers Service has launched a new CareersAdvice app, to ensure that people looking for careers advice have information at their fingertips - whenever and wherever they want it. 

The app includes an interactive careers toolkit to help people develop a CV, search for work and prepare for an interview. There are also audio top tips, learners' stories, job profiles, feature articles and even graphic novels.

The app can be downloaded for free from 


Google for android users.


Blackberry Play for Blackberry users.


Apple Store for Apple users.


About the CareersAdvice App

The CareersAdvice app has continually updated content, with special features including:

  • Click to contact the free helpline service – 0800 100 900
  • Sharing information with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Graphic novels which show how careers advice can help you take the next step in work and life
  • New careers tips and quotes every week
  • Regular careers advice articles covering everything from how to answer difficult questions in an interview to using social media in your job search
  • Careers events specific to your local area
  • Fun infographics presenting interesting data in graphic form, giving you a quick and easy summary of useful information

“A member could come up and talk to me to let me know what's going on in their team, and if something's not going well I'll see what can be done to help.”

Pauline TillotsonTax Manager, Group Tax